Paté and Creams savory

Paté of Taggiasche Olives

Obtained from the same taggiasche olives selected for ours Extra-virgin olive oils, this Paté of Extra-virgin olive oil is ideal to spread on canapé, spaghetti or on steak.

Red Paté

Obtained from drying and processing tomatoes, mixed in olive oil with the addition of a pinch of garlic, chili and aromatic herbs, this paté is ideal with bruschetta, starters, and as a condiment for pasta.

Paté of artichokes with tuna

This is a tasty paté, ideal to spread on canapé, appetizers and starters. In this paté, the taste of tuna blends together with the freshness and the flavour of artichokes in olive oil, modelling a special greedy taste.