Extra-Virgin Olive Oil monocultivar Taggiasco

The Extra-virgin “Genesi” olive oil is obtained from a special selection of the best Taggiasca olives, picked up by hands in the coldest period of the year and immediately cold-press with a special procedure. Genesi presents a sweet and balanced taste, almost nuts-like with a delicate smell, ideal for spicing up refined dishes, in particular fish.


Extra-Virgin Taggiasco Olive Oil
and others italian refined cultivar

The Extra-Virgin “Armonie” is obtained from the combination between the Taggiasca olive and others Italian refined cultivar. The precise selection of Italian olives, picked up by hands and milled every November and December with the cold press treatment, make “Armonie” a unique oil with an elegant and delicate taste. It is second for purity only to the Extra-virgin Taggiasco Olive Oil. It has a lighter fruity taste. This oil is ideal for spicing up delicate dishes.


Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

The Extra-virgin Olive Oil Gustò is an excellent product, a very balanced, vibrant extra-virgin olive oil. The taste is very delicate and the fragrance is mild. It suits every kind of dishes. In particular, it goes well with salads and vegetables. Don’t forget to top up thin raw fish or meet (carpaccio), grilled fish and soups with Gustò Extra-virgin olive oil.

U L'è Bon

Olive Oil

Olive oil blend for a daily family consumption. You can use it to fry or to make sauces but also to season veggies and soups. The flavour is very delicate and it is loved also from kids.