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Stefano Callegaro

Stefano Callegaro teaches cuisine and gastronomic techniques in Italy. He obtained a diploma in food science and technology in Adria – Venice, a degree in communications at the University of Padua and a master in marketing at the Bocconi, Milan. He has participated to several TV programme. Among them he won the 4th edition of MasterChef Italy. He published the novel Zenzero and Melissa (Fefè publisher, 2019) and several recipes with Unichef (in collaboration with Unicef, Mondadori publisher, 2017) and Alla ricerca del gusto (Rizzoli publisher, 2016).

Antonio Capitani

Antonio Capitani was born in Porto Santo Stefano, a small town on the Tyrrhenian sea.
He left his small town when he was twenty and he moved firstly to Florence to study pedagogy at the university and then he moved to Milan where he started working as an advertising copywriter for Confidenze, Bella (short stories) and fotoromanzi Lancio. Then he worked for Mike Bongiorno and Corrado, two famous Italian TV presenters, to write speeches.
One day the voice spread and people knew that he was keen on astrology. He started to work for several publishers (RCS, Mondadori, Gruppo Universo, De Agostini, CondéNast) to write the horoscope.
In these days he writes for important newspapers and magazines: Astra, Corriere della Sera, Vanity Fair and Gazzetta dello Sport.
He wrote several books focusing on his talent using a very unordinary and personal language.
On Real Time he leads a programme called “Astrolove”, a talk show in 12 episodes with guests belonging to each of the 12 zodiac signs. He works for Rai, Mediaset, Sky, La7, Discovery channel.
And he loves broadcasting for Radio Deejay on “CapitanimioCapitani”. He is present also on Radio Monte Carlo, 101, 105, Radio2Rai, RTL and other stations.
He is fond of cooking. For this reason, he has recently taken part to Celebrity Masterchef in Italy where he brought his cookery talent among the participants.
He is Cancer ascendant in Capricorn with moon in Gemini, sign that gave him the best disadvantages and the worst advantages.

Luigi Caricato

Luigi Caricato, is a writer and a journalist. He created Olio Officina, a relevant cultural project.
He took part to several international conferences and congresses. On 2012 he created the most influential event dedicated to flavours: Olio Officina Festival.
He published many books. Among them: “L’incanto dell’olio italiano” (Bibliotheca Culinaria, 2001), “Oli d’Italia” (Mondadori, 2001), “Star bene con l’olio d’oliva” (Tecniche Nuove, 2003), “Olio. Puro succo d’oliva” (Tecniche Nuove, 2005), “A tavola e in cucina con le olive” (Tecniche Nuove, 2007), “Friggere bene” (with Giuseppe Capano; Tecniche Nuove, 2009), “Olio di lago” (Mondadori, 2010), “Olio: crudo e cotto” (with Giuseppe Capano; Tecniche Nuove, 2012), “Libero Olio in libero Stato” (Zona Franca, 2013; Olio Officina, 2018) and “Atlante degli oli italiani” (Mondadori, 2015).
He also published a novel, “L’olio della conversione” (Besa, 2005 e 2006), and he collaborates since years with several prestigious Italian and international magazines.
He leads the quarterly magazine, in paper edition and bilingual Italian/English, OOF International Magazine, Olio Officina Almanacco, and the online Olio Officina Magazine and Olio Officina Globe. Since June 2019 he writes for Oliocentrico.

Roberto Casalini

Roberto Casalini was born in Cagliari in 1953. He lives and works in Milan.
He is a journalist since 1979 and he wrote for many magazines. He has been editor in chief of Io donna and Wired and he was managing director of Pergioco, Cinema Anteprima, Tribe and Classic Voice. Nowadays he is Millenium editor consultant, the monthly publication of Il Fatto Quotidiano.
He wrote several books focusing on music and on cinema for Mondadori and Rizzoli publishers. The last book he published is “500 pezzi facili” (1000 e una notte, 2018).
He is working for Bompiani together with Paola Casalini on the new edition of “Suonala ancora Sam”. The book which has been reprinted 13 times will be published next Autumn 2020.
He decided to come on-board of “Guido 1860” because he is linked to Guido Novaro. He has curated for 1000 e una notte publisher the introduction of “Guido Liscio come l’olio”, the book of Giuido Novaro. In common with him a love for food.